Thermal Imaging

For commercial and industrial HVAC, mechanical, and electrical applications, thermal imaging has emerged as an irreplaceable tool for diagnostic and predictive maintenance.

Less downtime, less lost revenue

Essentially, thermal imaging allows for the applicable maintenance to be completed prior to an all-inclusive breakdown occurring. As a result, clients who use thermal imaging enjoy less equipment downtime, which means less lost revenue.

Tucker Mechanical’s thermal imaging technicians are highly trained in thermal imaging applications, providing inspections and evaluations that show real-time infrared images of potential facility issues.

Our experienced team uses a predictive approach that provides: 

  • Increased equipment life
  • Scheduled vs. unscheduled downtime -Elimination of equipment failures
  • Identification and prioritization of equipment critical to facility performance
  • Overall operational savings -Improved productivity and efficiency

Electrical Predictive Maintenance Inspections & Troubleshooting

We check wiring and equipment circuit breakers for overloads, and check control panels for broken wires and poor contacts.

HVAC Predictive Maintenance Inspections & Troubleshooting
We check compressors, condenser motors, blower motors, bearings, heat exchangers, cooling coils, and duct work for blockages and airflow issues.