Preventive Maintenance

A properly functioning HVAC system is essential to a facility’s productivity and business performance, which is why Tucker Mechanical offers a comprehensive array of preventive maintenance and repair services.

Tucker service team.jpgPlanned Maintenance Agreements (PM)

  • Air and oil filter replacements
  • Belt replacements and adjustments
  • Cleaners and lubricants
  • Seasonal inspections according to manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Condenser and evaporator coil cleanings
  • Up-to-date, transparent and electronic record keeping and reporting
  • Emergency service and support 24/7/365

Full Labor Agreements (FL) – PM scope plus

  • Addition of emergency service labor during normal business hours

Full Service Agreements (FS) – FL scope plus

  • Addition of all maintainable parts for covered equipment

Implementing a regular maintenance and inspection program can help keep HVAC equipment operating at peak efficiency, prevent costly repairs, and significantly extend equipment lifespan.

Tucker trucks.jpgFull-Suite of Maintenance Services

In addition to Preventive Maintenance programs, our team of qualified HVAC experts also offers the following maintenance services tailored to a variety of needs.

  • As-needed service
  • Commercial and industrial facilities support
  • Professional engineering assistance

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

Signing up for a planned preventive maintenance agreement with Tucker Mechanical can deliver a variety of tangible benefits, including:

  • Less downtime: When maintenance is planned ahead of time, it is easier to work around production schedules or perform repairs during off-hours.
  • Stability: Maintenance agreements offer a fixed cost throughout the year and avoid service delays.
  • Lower Operating Costs: Regular maintenance helps equipment run more efficiently and effectively, while also helping prevent expenses from equipment replacement.
  • Satisfied Tenants: When HVAC equipment performs well, it creates a more comfortable environment for occupants, which can also lead to increased employee productivity.
  • Peace of Mind: When an unexpected emergency does occur, our technicians are on-call and ready to solve the problem.

Professional Service from Qualified Experts

The trained technicians at Tucker Mechanical have extensive, hands-on experience maintaining and repairing equipment. Because we are manufacturer independent, our employees receive training to prepare them to service various types of equipment – from small, air-cooled systems to central energy plants with thousands of tons of cooling capacity.

Make sure your facility’s critical HVAC equipment is maintained for its most effective operation; contact Tucker Mechanical today.